01. Financial &
Retirement Planning

As your wealth accumulates, your financial needs can grow more complex. It is important that your investment, tax, insurance, and estate plans, not only work efficiently together, but work effectively in accomplishing your goals. No matter where you find yourself today or see yourself in the future, a planning relationship with PGI Wealth Management can help to bring your financial goals and dreams within reach.

  • We listen to learn what you value.
  • Gain an understanding of your goals for the future.
  • Gather the facts.
  • You get to know us.

  • We analyze your current financial situation and available assets.
  • Match this analysis with yours goals.
  • Create recommendations to help bring your goals with in reach.

  • Present the initial outcome of the analysis.
  • Present our recommendations for obtaining your goals.
  • Inform you on why we have made those recommendations.
  • Listen to your feedback.
    Make adjustments.

  • Create action steps and an implementation schedule.
  • We educate on product or management specifics.

  • Meet annually at a minimum to review performance.
  • Monitor the plan throughout life’s changes.

02. Investment

Our wealth management strategies are tailored around you. Fulfilling your needs and goals is the foundation that we use when constructing your portfolio.


PGI Wealth Management subscribes to an integrated wealth management philosophy that seeks to deliver returns through asset allocation, diversification, cost minimization and a disciplined, long-term approach. By integrating these aspects of investment management, we develop financial solutions that are intended to meet client planning goals.


We believe that accountability builds trust. We want to provide you with an understanding of how your strategy will meet your goals, and how your portfolio is performing. We hold review sessions with you to ensure that your strategy that we have implemented today, is consistent with the changes that life brings.

03. Estate & Legacy

With a comprehensive estate and legacy plan, you can ensure that not only your wealth will get passed to the next generation, but also your values and ideals. We help to execute your plan using the following services with the coordination of your tax and legal professionals.

04. Insurance

Implementing an appropriate risk management strategy into your financial plan can help protect what you have built, and provide for the people you care about most. You may already know life insurance provides a way to ensure that your family is taken care after you’re gone. But life insurance is a versatile tool that can be leveraged to achieve much more.

We can help.

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